The Music of Salvador Alan Jacobo


Salvador Alan Jacobo (b. June 6, 1997) has composed music for an array of musical settings from wind ensembles to brass ensembles to marching bands and everything in between. His compositions have acquired attention from notable composers such as John Mackey. He accredits his mentors: Benjamin Fairfield, John Mackey, and Mark Dal Porto as being pivotal to his progressive success as a composer, conductor, and performer.

Salvador has also been the guest conductor for various public school bands such as the Portales Junior High Band, the Portales High School Band, and the 30th Biennial Eastern New Mexico University Alumni Band

When leisure outweighs his typical obligations of composition, Salvador invests his time in mindless musical memes, Twitter escapades, or playing Mortal Kombat. It is not uncommon to find him laughing hysterically at the most esoteric of musical memes that the internet, or he, can produce.

Salvador is also a brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity (Theta-Zeta Chapter).